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 And that's a wrap! We have had 56 (!!) new treats uploaded into the collection over the last week, so I invite you all to have a second look at the collection. There are still some people on the no treat list, so feel free to fill those whenever you like!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for next year, please let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all next year!
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The archive is live! Coming in at 560 works, which is a remarkable effort. Reveals may not happen immediately, because of how AO3 does its reveals.

Some things!
  1. Some fandoms are not wrangled. This sucks! If you come across a work whose fandom is not wrangled, drop a comment here and I will add it to this post so that people know it is there!
  2. If you write treats between now and author reveals, I will round them up in a post at the end of the anon author period. So if there was a person on the no treat list you wanted to give something to, you still can! 
Any problems, drop them in a comment here, otherwise well done everyone!

Unwrangled fandoms:

Ar nosurge: Ode to a Unborn Star
Chuck Tingle RPF
Teeth - Lady Gaga

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All pinch hits are in, and so we are going live to reveal all works at 12:01am EST on the 14th. Have a countdown!

Five hours is plenty of time to prepare a short treat, and if you're looking to really make someone's gift exchange please take a look at the no treat list!  Of course, the more treats the merrier, and you are free to treat whoever you like whether they are on that list or not. TREATS FOR ALL.
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The due date for pinch hits has passed and there are two emergency pinch hits. Please consider picking these up if you can!

The archive will not go live until these two have been filled or at 12:01am on 14 February, whichever is the later. If you are not one of these two participants, you turned in your assignment, and you do not have a gift of your own please contact me immediately!

Comments are screened!

EDIT: Both are claimed, but treats would obviously not go astray!

Pinch Hit #43: Alien: Resurrection, The Craft, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Calamity Jane, Rosemary and Thyme - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #44: Tortall, Crossover, Long Live the Queen - CLAIMED )
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Currently, the archive is set to reveal at 12:01am EST on 14 February 2016. This will be moved back if there are any emergency pinch hits, but so far we are on track for revealing at that time.

Also treat list! We're slowly whittling down the list!
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When you are uploading your gift, please do it to the "chocolatebox2015" subcollection and not "chocolatebox". I'm not looking at the parent archive and so if you have treats uploaded there I will not see them. Thank you!

Treat list
The treat list has been updated! We are making progress on the community challenge. Let's see how many we can clear tomorrow!

Pinch hit
We still have three pinch hits left to be claimed over here!

We also have a new one. If you can take it, please comment with your AO3 name. Comments are screened!

Pinch Hit #42: Check Please!, Crossover Fandom, Hockey RPF, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher, MCU, Original Work - CLAIMED )
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More posts!

Mod contact

If you need to contact me, please do it by email! If you send me a DW message I often cannot respond and at this point I am too time poor to dig through the signup list to find your email to email you. The mod email is chocolateboxmod[at]gmail. Please contact me that way. Then I can respond to you!

Treat challenge

As mentioned, I have prepared a list of everyone who:
a) turned in a story at the due date; and
b) does not have a treat.

This could mean that some people who are on the pinch hit list will not be here, as they have treats, but no assigned story. It is also likely that I have missed people out by accident. If that is the case, please email me and I can add you back in!

I propose a challenge. There are a lot of people on this list. But there are also a lot of participants here. Let's try and get everyone on this list off this list! I'll review this list on a daily basis and remove people who receive treats that day.

If anyone would like to do a spreadsheet of all the prompts for these people, let me know and I will give you a shell of the spreadsheet with all the names on it. Otherwise, you can find all the prompts here!

EDIT: A kind anon has prepared a document of the prompts!

Here is the list! Warning: long )
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The due date (+ an hour just in case AO3 decided to be weird) has passed! If you do not have a gift, there are a couple of possibilities:
1) Your gifter has an extension of time;
2) Your gifter did not turn in their assignment and you are a pinch hit;
3) You and your gifter did not turn in an assignment at the due date.

If you have any concerns about whether you have a gift or not, please email me and I can explain your situation in more detail.

There are 20 initial pinch hits, with possibly more to come. If you are able to assist with picking these up, please leave a comment with your AO3 name and which one you would like. Gifts are due by 11:59pm on the 12th. Comments are screened!

Pinch Hit 22: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Galavant, Hey Arnold! - CLAIMED )

Pinch hit #23: The Mummy, Slayers, The Librarians, The Man from UNCLE - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #24: Parks and Recreation, Buffy & Angel, Daredevil - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #25: Dangan Ronpa - AMT, Gatchaman Crowds, Last Exile, Samurai Flamenco, Seraph of the End, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Fire Emblem Awakening, Free!, Yowamushi Pedal - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #26: World Wrestling Entertainment, Lucha Underground, Fallout 4, Merlin - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #27: Harry Potter, The Craft, The Killing, Gotham - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #28: Alien: Resurrection, The Craft, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Calamity Jane, Rosemary and Thyme - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #29: Eyeshield 21, Hikaru no Go, The Heroes of Olympus, Fate/Zero, Ace of Diamond- CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #30: Harry Potter, Stargate, Star Trek AOS, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek TOS - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #31: The Song of Achillies, Star Wars, MCU - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #32: Original Work, Metal Gear, Justified, Star Wars - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #33: The Silmarillion, Leverage, The Hobbit- CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #34: Kushiel's Legacy, Mad Max, X-Men movies, How to Get Away With Murder, Person of Interest, Warehouse 13, White Collar - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #35: Ancient History RPF, Benjamin January Mysteries, The Divine Cities, The Heroes of Olympus, Marvel 616, Yoko Tsuno - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #36: Harry Potter, Les Miserables, A Song of Ice and Fire, MCU, Star Wars, Original Work - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #37: Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, MCU - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #38: The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Raven Cycle, Tortall - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #39: A Song of Ice and Fire, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #40: Tortall, Crossover, Long Live the Queen )

Pinch Hit #41: MCU, Sanctuary, Stargate, Star Wars - CLAIMED )
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Assignments and pinch hits are due at 11:59pm EST today! I won't be really at a computer to do much more than default outstanding assignments, so pinch hits won't go out until probably 6am EST at the earliest.

Additionally, I am in the process of doing up a spreadsheet of each participant's gift list. After the due date has passed, I will be using this spreadsheet to prepare a list that indicates who wrote a story but does not have any treats. If you're interested in helping ensure that everyone who participated in the exchange gets a treat, then keep an eye out for that list!

If you have a hit on your work, the spreadsheet is why. I'm not actually looking at your work; AO3 has a truncated summary of who has written what, and I'm copying the address for each work into the spreadsheet. If you have more than one, I have no idea what is going on there.

Other than that, keeping arting/writing! We're so close to due date, and then reveals!
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Two more pinch hits! One is a repeat, but with a new number. If you are able to pick either of these up, please comment with which one and your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Pinch Hit 20: Chrestomanci, Young Wizards, Labyrinth, The Queen's Thief, Firefly - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit 21: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Other Space, Crossover Fandom - CLAIMED )
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We're about halfway through the writing phase, so how is everyone going? Are you onto your fifteenth treat or still searching for inspiration for your assignment? Or are these characters flat out refusing to kiss and it's really annoying?

Feel free to vent or boast, but remember that we're still anonymous so please do so in a way that doesn't reveal what you are writing or for whom!
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One more pinch hit! If you're interested in taking this one, leave a comment with your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Pinch Hit #19: Harry Potter, Galavant, Parks and Recreation, Star Trek: Alternate Original Series - CLAIMED )
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Latest pinch hit! If you're interested in picking this one up, please comment with your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Pinch Hit 18: Star Wars, Check Please!, Jurassic World - CLAIMED )
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Our first non-initial pinch hit is under the cut. If you wish to claim it, please comment with your AO3 name. All comments are screened.

Pinch Hit 15 - American Horror Story, Vampire Chronicles, The Ramones )
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I've been asked to suggest image hosting services for shippy fanart. It's not something I've ever considered, so I thought I'd ask the exchange at large.

Which image hosting services allow shippy fanart, including the sexually explicit?


Jan. 10th, 2016 09:17 am
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One of the more valuable services people can offer is betaing: that is, looking over someone's work and suggesting ways to make it better than it already is!

If you are able to beta, please comment to this post with the following:

Your AO3 name:
Your email address:
Fandoms you can beta:
Fanfic or Fanart or both?:
Can you do SPAG betaing?:
What things can't you beta?:
Anything else? (Turnaround, periods you're not available etc.):

Highsmith (quimtessence) @ AO3 has prepared a spreadsheet of betas here.
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All assignments should be out now! For those who were interested, it took about 11 hours for the initial round of matching to finish, which isn't bad given how many variables we were matching on. If there are any problems with your assignment please contact me urgently at chocolateboxmod [at] gmail.

As promised here is a text document of all requests! Please feel free to write treats even if you are not a participant.

Finally, there are 14 initial pinch hits. To claim one of these, please comment below with your AO3 name and which pinch hit you would like. All comments are screened.

Pinch Hit 1: Crossover Fandoms, Doctor Who, Buffy & Angel, Bring It On - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #2: DCU, The Flash, Supergirl, DCAU, Kingsman, Doctor Who, Star Trek: TNG, Red Dwarf, Babylon 5, Star Wars - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #3: I'll Take Manhattan, Magnum PI, Rambo Series, Signs, The Incredible Hulk TV, The Silent Flute - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #4: The Divine Cities, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, Crossover Fandoms, Turn, Code Name Verity - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #5: Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, Star Wars, The Vampire Diaries, Women of the Underworld - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #6: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Castle, Nashville, UnREAL - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #7: The Heroes of Olympus, Alliance-Union, The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Chronicles of the Kencyrath, Vorkosigan Saga - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #8: King Arthur, Foreigner, Broken Circle Breakdown, The Newsroom, Wolf in Night - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #9: Crossover Fandoms, Doctor Who, Buffy & Angel, Tortall - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #10: Animorphs, Flesh and Bone, Mad Max, The Warriors - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #11: Ensemble Stars!, Osomatsu, School-Live! - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #12: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Young Wizards, Labyrinth, The Queen's Thief, Firefly - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #13: Marvel 616, Invincible, The Lions of Al-Rassan, The Mysteries of Udolpho, Elysium - TAKEN )

Pinch Hit #14: Buffy & Angel, Harry Potter, Kushiel's Legacy, Stargate - TAKEN )
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Signups are now closed, at 294 participants! So close to 300! Maybe next year we can beat 300.


Matching has already begun and hopefully assignments will go out soon. If you are contacted by me, it means that you are not able to write for anyone, and you will be asked to adjust your signup so that you can be matched to someone. The quicker you can get back to me, the quicker assignments can go out, so please ensure that the email address you have with AO3 is one that you check.

Pinch hits

Pinch hits will be posted to the community with comments screened so that only I can see them. To pick up a pinch hit you leave a comment with your AO3 name and which pinch hit you would like to pick up.

I am assuming that there will be some initial pinch hits after the matching algorithm ends, so please keep an eye out for those!


Treats go into the main collection! They will not be your recipient's ultimate gift but are instead an additional story. Please feel free to write treats!

List of all prompts

A text searchable document of all prompts will be done while matching is ongoing. I'll let you all know when it's complete!

Mod contact

Please contact me at chocolateboxmod[at]gmail if there are any problems with your assignment! I know that people are contacting me with DW messages, but it has been very difficult to reply to a number of you because your security settings mean that you can send messages but not receive them.
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Signups close at 11:59pm EST tonight!

Also, if you have sent me a DW message, chances are I have not responded to you because your DW account does not allow private messages.

Please direct all enquiries to chocolateboxmod[at] or leave a comment here. That way I can definitely answer you! 


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