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Hi all!

The treat list has been updated! If you are not on there and you think you should be, let me know! If you have a treat uploaded and your recipient is still on the list, please check which collection you uploaded your gift to. There are still works in the "chocolatebox" parent collection, so please move them to the "chocolatebox2015" collection, thank you!

If you do not have a gift yet, you turned in your assignment, and you did not go out for pinch hit after the due date please contact me immediately! I'll be checking, but any help you can give me here would be appreciated.

Also, we are down to one unclaimed pinch hit, which I am reposting! If you can pick this one up, please comment below with your AO3 name. Comments are screened!

Pinch Hit #40: Tortall, Crossover, Long Live the Queen - CLAIMED )
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When you are uploading your gift, please do it to the "chocolatebox2015" subcollection and not "chocolatebox". I'm not looking at the parent archive and so if you have treats uploaded there I will not see them. Thank you!

Treat list
The treat list has been updated! We are making progress on the community challenge. Let's see how many we can clear tomorrow!

Pinch hit
We still have three pinch hits left to be claimed over here!

We also have a new one. If you can take it, please comment with your AO3 name. Comments are screened!

Pinch Hit #42: Check Please!, Crossover Fandom, Hockey RPF, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher, MCU, Original Work - CLAIMED )
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More posts!

Mod contact

If you need to contact me, please do it by email! If you send me a DW message I often cannot respond and at this point I am too time poor to dig through the signup list to find your email to email you. The mod email is chocolateboxmod[at]gmail. Please contact me that way. Then I can respond to you!

Treat challenge

As mentioned, I have prepared a list of everyone who:
a) turned in a story at the due date; and
b) does not have a treat.

This could mean that some people who are on the pinch hit list will not be here, as they have treats, but no assigned story. It is also likely that I have missed people out by accident. If that is the case, please email me and I can add you back in!

I propose a challenge. There are a lot of people on this list. But there are also a lot of participants here. Let's try and get everyone on this list off this list! I'll review this list on a daily basis and remove people who receive treats that day.

If anyone would like to do a spreadsheet of all the prompts for these people, let me know and I will give you a shell of the spreadsheet with all the names on it. Otherwise, you can find all the prompts here!

EDIT: A kind anon has prepared a document of the prompts!

Here is the list! Warning: long )


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