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 The archive will be going live as close as possible to 12:01am EST on February 14, as all pinch hits are in. Congratulations everyone!

On that note, please check your assignment to make sure that the author reads something like Anonymous [YourAO3Name]. If it just has your AO3 name, when the archive goes live your name will be visible. Please follow the steps described in this comment. You have until the archive goes live to fix this up. Thank you!
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We are in the final stretch! Here is a handy countdown, for those who prefer these things. Pinch hits will go out early on the 8th, so please watch the comm for them.

On that note, if you need an extension to complete your assignment, please request it by 11:59pm EST on February 5! Thank you!
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First up, a kind participant has brought it to my attention that the collection has not been set to anonymous. The collection has now been set to anonymous and you can upload your assignments now. If you have already uploaded your assignment, please delete it and reupload it. I will be in contact with anyone who has not yet done so by next weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Secondly, we have a new pinch hit! If you are interested, please leave a comment with your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Pinch Hit 15: Rogue One, Star Trek AOS, Mansfield Park - CLAIMED )


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