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 There are currently two outstanding issues:Other than that, I've worked through the backlog, so bring on your tag corrections! I'm ready.

  • I'm increasing the maximum number of requests and offers to 10. This may delay when assignments go out depending on how many people sign up, but we'll burn that bridge when we get there.
  • Requests will be visible during signups.
  • I haven't decided whether to do a letter post or simply to do a textfile of all requests once signups close, given that requests will be visible during the signup process.
EDIT: If you are the nominator of Eobard Thawne/Barry Allen or John Stewart & Wally West, where would you like them to go?
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The tagset has closed, and you can find the current approved tag set here! For those interested in stats, we have 721 fandoms and 6884 relationships.

Now I'm requesting your help to finalize this tag set and make it the best it can be.

I'm particularly interested in the following:
  • Sailor Moon: Should I divide this up and if so, how?
  • Star Wars Series (Movies): duplications in the tag set;
  • MCU + TV shows + Marvel 616: duplications in the tag set;
  • DCU: I'm interested in nixing this category and leaving it as DC Comics and the various toonverses, but where should the tags go?
I will be working on the following post-haste (after a quick nap):Any problems or mistakes in the tagset, please drop them in a comment below and I'll get to them once I resurface from Tolkien.

Also a point for discussion: I have been considering upping the maximum number of requests and offers from 6 to 10. Would anyone mind if I did this? The minimums would remain the same.


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