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Two more pinch hits! One is a repeat, but with a new number. If you are able to pick either of these up, please comment with which one and your AO3 name. All comments are screened!

Pinch Hit #20
Request 1 by shewhoguards
The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
Cat Chant & Gwendolen Chant, Christopher Chant & Mordecai Roberts, Christopher Chant/Millie, Christopher Chant & Cat Chant, FanFic

Christopher Chant & Mordecai Roberts
Oh Tacroy <3 As long as this story is Tacroy centred you can include whoever you want in it, I would just rather it not be shippy.

I'm fascinated by Eleven, anything more about that (repercussions? or just talking about it?) would be awesome. Adventures with young Christopher and Tacroy world-hopping (and Tacroy being evasive) would be awesome. Anything you want to do with the fact that Christopher has claimed Tacroy as his man would be great. Small!Christopher prepared to shield Tacroy from Gabriel, the police and the world would be equally great.

(angst and sadder fics completely fine here, hurt/comfort fine here, no happy ending required)

Cat and Gwendolen
How on earth did Gwendolen using Cat start? She must have been pretty young when she started, and a kiddy that size doesn't start off evil, so I assume the getting from there to "I am actually prepared to kill my brother so he stays dead" must have been edging along a line. There are moments in Charmed Life where she does seem genuinely fond of him. Early childhood scenes, including their parents trying to deal with it? (And what on earth was said in those letters?) AU where Gwendolen didn't get to escape, and they had to actually work out their relationship? Gwendolen growing up, learning responsibility and regretting what she did?

(again no happy ending required because duh)

I don't see theirs as the most calm of relationships so I can only assume that they have a "Not in front of the children" agreement in later books. I'd love "behind the scenes" discussions. What was the original discussion of "oh hey, let's adopt my cousins' kids"? If Millie was upset at Julia for them running away, what on earth did she say to Christopher? Did she ever point out the irony that they were driving Cat into hiding a girl from another world and oh hey, this is a familiar situation? And the end of Charmed Life is something I can only imagine fading into hurt/comfort once the witnesses went away, despite everyone taking it very calmly. (The problem with being a grown up, let alone Chrestomanci, is that you can't visibly go "OH GOD, THEY JUST PUT SILVER HANDCUFFS ON ME AND I WAS HELPLESS" until the witnesses go away).

Also, I can see Christopher being the type of guy to step in front of Millie and try to have her arguments for her, even when she'd rather he didn't, so him getting pulled up on that (or just not telling him things so he didn't over-react) would be awesome.

(have them argue as much as you want but I'd prefer them to make up by the end)


Christopher Chant and Cat Chant


I love Christopher dearly, but my god did he fail at parenting during Charmed Life. Oh hi, I'm just going to let your sister try and murder you multiple times and also get really pissed off with you and hit you for NOT STOPPING HER. (Clearly your life as a teenager was blame-free. Oh, wait, you aided a gang of criminals and then later you ran away to another Series because you were annoyed with your guardian.) On the other hand you got a glimpse of just how non!faily he could be at the point where Cat caught fire which is an amazing scene I might have reread a few dozen times. Along with the handcuffs scene.

Anyway, my (meandering) point is, this is not going to magically (ha!) get better with a sorry. I can't imagine that Cat won't be wary of Christopher for some time, and Christopher is really going to need to work on that. Also the poor kid has a lot of trauma to work through and Christopher calmly and competently stopping him getting himself killed is also awesome.


Request 2 by shewhoguards
Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Carl Romeo/Tom Swale, Carl Romeo & Tom Swale, FanFic

Mostly what I want from these two is behind-the-scenes fic. They spend a lot of time having to give really hard advice (sorry sweetie, but I can't tell you not to go off, get turned into a whale and die), deal with kids being kids (oh, what did Dairine do NOW?) and having to talk to parents (who I assume are sometimes less understanding than Nita's and Kit's). And then there are the really hard times, like when Nita's mum is dying. Basically I figure a lot of their time is spent facepalming, and the rest is spent going "oh dear god, let me just have said the right thing" and possibly drinking. You could go with humorous despair over the kids' latest escapades or comfort over some of the really tough situations.

I prefer the earlier books; basically base everything before the event where they lost their powers and forgot everything please?


Request 3 by shewhoguards
Labyrinth (1986)
Sarah Williams & Toby Williams, Jareth/Sarah Williams, FanFic

This whole kidnapping babies thing doesn't seem like it's Jareth's first go-around. If there's a script, and a "things you have to say" ("That doesn't even start with 'I wish'!") then that would make it seem like there have been other babies in the past. What did he kidnap them for, what is their purpose? Are they pets? Do they grow up cossetted, spoilt and fed to death on sweeties? Does he need them to define the reality of his realm? And if Toby grows up and Sarah tells him what happened, does there ever come a day when he starts resenting her for stealing that opportunity from him? Does he ever try to convince her to send him back? Or, what happens if, rather than her winning him back, there's an AU where they end up trapped in that realm forever? Or what if she lost, but managed to get back to search for him as an adult, but he didn't want to go?

Alternatively, Jareth and Sarah! Let's look at a quote:


Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for *you*! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn't that generous?


Um. Yes. Interesting relationship there! Her brain has locked in that the Goblin King is frightening, and so he is obligingly terrifying. There are a lot of really dark places I can see that relationship going, and I am happy to read all of them (although possibly have enough years pass so that she's aged up a bit, even if she never gets enough space to breathe and lose that naivety?) He's already demonstrated that he's prepared to use her friends to hurt her, and he doesn't yet think that he's being cruel. What happens when he is cruel, please?

Happy to go as dark as you like with this fandom, no happy ending required :-)


Request 4 by shewhoguards
The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner
Attolia/Eugenides (Queen's Thief), Eddis & Eugenides, FanFic

Normally I would eat political fic in this fandom up with a spoon. However I am 7 and a bit months pregnant, suffering severe baby brain, and my brain just won't focus on complex political plots so if you could focus more on the relationship side that would be awesome.

Attolia and Eugenides and their wonderfully disfunctionally functional relationship! Give me arguments and making up, the awkwardness of nightmares when your wife caused them, the to and fro of two people used to getting their own way having to work out how to negotiate without anyone getting executed or poisoned. Or give me pregnant Attolia having to work around how much of a pain in the ass pregnancy is, particularly if you're a control freak, and having to hand over more to Gen out of necessity - which neither of them particularly enjoy when it comes down to it.

Or Eddis and Eugenides! You could go with fic with them back in the past, with Gen getting tormented by his cousins and trying to convince her to help against them, the big meanies, while blatantly being as bad as they are if not worse. Or with Gen actually needing help after his mother died and his father wanted him to be someone else but refusing to accept it, because it's Gen. Or with Gen explaining that no, really, gods are real, no look I know I lie a lot but not this time. Or Eddis explaining to a not-exactly-willing Gen about the volcano and what he needs to do.


Request 5 by shewhoguards
River Tam & Simon Tam, FanFic

"River was more than gifted. She was a gift. Everything she did, music, math, theoretical physics—even dance—there was nothing that didn't come as naturally to her as breathing does to us."


I love this description and I love the episode of young Simon and River flashbacks. I love the idea of young Simon, maybe competing with her at first, and then just realizing this was not something where he was even in the same league and just trying to nurture that gift instead.

I would like this to be pre-show and pre-kidnapping. I'm up for kidfic, jealousy that resolves itself, over-protectiveness. If you want to go unhealthy with this relationship I can totally see it going into co dependence too. We already know Simon was gifted - could he have been even more so if he hadn't, at an early age, dedicated himself to protecting River? Did his parents tell him "you're the oldest, this is expected of you"? Did River ever wish he would think of himself more?


Request 1 by ViolentFlowers
Steven Universe (Cartoon)
Amethyst/Peridot (Steven Universe), Pearl/Rose Quartz (Steven Universe), Jasper/Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), Fanart, FanFic

Pearl/Rose Quartz - Pearls are considered very different on Homeworld, lots of possibilities to explore. I'm amused by the idea that Rose is clueless and that it's Pearl that works up the courage to ask for what she wants.

Jasper/Lapis Lazuli - I’m interested in what other people think of this dynamic. I don’t see this as a fluffy pairing at all. Though if you want to show them doing normal things in their own terrible fashion I’d be interested.

Amethyst/Peridot - Fighting with Peridot over her Homeworld ways or maybe using Homeworld terms for things.

Please look at past letters if you'd like more info or prompts. Porn would be awesome.

No watersports, scat, or men raping women.


Request 2 by ViolentFlowers
Gravity Falls
Pacifica Northwest/Mabel Pines, Fanart, FanFic

Future fic! Pretty much any romantic trope or cliche would work for these two.

Please look at past letters if you'd like more info or prompts. Porn would be awesome but please age up characters.

No watersports, scat, or men raping women.


Request 3 by ViolentFlowers
Other Space (TV)
Karen Lipinski/Tina Shukshin, Fanart, FanFic

I'd really like Karen to want to get closer to Tina... But it's way more likely that they'd get dosed with sex pollen, or accidentally married, or locked in a closet together.

Likes: Porn, weirdness, humor in bad situations, cliches, tropes, enemies to lovers.

No watersports, scat, or men raping women.

Request 4 by ViolentFlowers
Crossover Fandom
Star Butterfly (Star vs. The Forces Of Evil)/Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls), Fanart, FanFic

OMG! The glitter, the excitement, the unicorns! I think this pairing could be amazing! Think of how much fun it would be for Mabel to go to Mewni and or handle all the weirdness and magic. How do they meet? What are the dates like? Is it a slow burn or a tornado or attraction?

Likes: Porn, weirdness, humor in bad situations, cliches, tropes. Porn would be awesome but please age up characters.

No watersports, scat, or men raping women.
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