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Our first non-initial pinch hit is under the cut. If you wish to claim it, please comment with your AO3 name. All comments are screened.

Request 1 by sweetcarolanne
American Horror Story
Sister Mary Eunice/Pepper (American Horror Story), Pepper (American Horror Story)/Shachath, Sister Jude/Pepper (American Horror Story), Pepper (American Horror Story)/Maggie Esmeralda, Pepper (American Horror Story)/Lana Winters, Pepper (American Horror Story)/Ethel Darling, Pepper (American Horror Story)/Elsa Mars, Pepper (American Horror Story)/Dot Tattler/Bette Tattler, Pepper (American Horror Story)/Desiree Dupree, Fanart, FanFic

Basically I just want Pepper-centric femslash that isn't created by me!!! I'd be happy with either the AHS: Asylum or AHS: Freak Show universes, and would like to see Pepper paired with any female character you choose (I've chosen a wide selection). Just keep things consensual, loving and happy, please! :) No angst, non-con or unhappy endings.


Request 2 by sweetcarolanne
Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice
Claudia & Lestat de Lioncourt, Claudia & Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt/Louis de Pointe du Lac, Fanart, FanFic

Claudia is my favorite character and the time that she spent with Louis and Lestat when they were all one big happy family, the two vampire fathers with their daughter, is my favorite part of their story and is sadly too short in canon. What I want for this fandom is more of those happy times, Louis and Lestat as the couple and Claudia as their beloved pampered child, perhaps from Claudia's viewpoint as I want Claudia to be the main character, although the shippy stuff is between the two male characters.


Request 3 by sweetcarolanne
The Ramones
Joey Ramone/Johnny Ramone, Joey Ramone/Marky Ramone, Fanart, FanFic

Joey/Johnny or Joey/Marky. The dynamics I like for these pairings are different but I still prefer a sweetly submissive Joey for both. I envision Joey and Johnny arguing about their political differences (Joey left-wing and Johnny right-wing) and the band and what-not and Johnny being the tough guy, but there being more love than hate in the end. Joey/Marky for me is the pair being more egalitarian, a friends to lovers sort of thing, the two of them being like big, sweet goofy kids together and having fun.



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