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The due date for pinch hits has passed and there are two emergency pinch hits. Please consider picking these up if you can!

The archive will not go live until these two have been filled or at 12:01am on 14 February, whichever is the later. If you are not one of these two participants, you turned in your assignment, and you do not have a gift of your own please contact me immediately!

Comments are screened!

EDIT: Both are claimed, but treats would obviously not go astray!

Request 1 by ijemanja
Alien: Resurrection (1997)
Annalee Call/Ellen Ripley, FanFic

Call/Ripley is one of my forever ships, and I would love a fic that explores how they might actually function as a couple - a relationship between a Xenormorph-spliced superhuman clone and a robot with a lot of feelings, that's gonna be interesting! So who makes the first move? What's the sex like? Do they ever say 'I love you'? What does romance look like for them? Is there much cuddling? I would also love an intense us-against-the-world, hurt/comforty trope fest. Also, porn that kinks on the size difference, as well as the inhumanity of both women, would be excellent. I'd love an AU here, too - if there's one you'd like to write, then please feel free!


Request 2 by ijemanja
The Craft (1996)
Bonnie Hyper/Rochelle Zimmerman, FanFic

At the end of the movie, these are the two characters I always wonder about the most. I'd love fic about Bonnie and Rochelle having to deal with what happened and what they did, and also deal with each other now that they're out from under the influence of Nancy and Sarah. I'm dying for some twisty guilt and conflict and growing pains here - do they learn from what happened, or fall back into bad habits; do they pull together, fall in love, or does all that lingering bad karma drive a wedge between them? A fic where Bonnie and Rochelle find their way back to practising magic in a positive way would be great. As would a fic following their relationship before, during, and after Nancy. Whether you include Nancy or Sarah is up to you. I just really ship Bonnie/Rochelle, and will enjoy anything focused on them, really!


Request 3 by ijemanja
Wò Hǔ Cáng Lóng | Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2003)
Yu Shu Lien/Li Mu Bai, FanFic

Allll the longing and UST and guilty feelings, please. Maybe the moment one or both realised their feelings were requited? Or a moment they came very close to giving in to their feelings. Or a version of events where they did give in to their feelings. Or that time on the road when they had to share a bedroll/huddle for warmth/there was only one room at the inn and all those repressed feelings went through the roof. Or an AU version of the film where no one dies and they get to be together and everything is fine and all the feelings are nice ones. In conclusion: Feelings! (P.S. an arranged marriage AU would be more than welcome here.)


Request 4 by ijemanja
Calamity Jane (1953)
Calamity Jane/Katie Brown, Calamity Jane/Wild Bill Hickok, FanFic

I love both Calamity/Bill, a pair of ornery old crackshots in love, and the adorable femslashy potential of Calamity/Katie. Either pairing would be appreciated and adored. I'm not interested in poly or threesome shipping here, however, so I'd prefer fic that focuses on just one or the other, thanks!

Jane/Katie: Certain events in the film change so that Jane ends up with Katie instead and everything works out swell. Jane negotiating a relationship with Katie - marriage perhaps? - while still having a yen for adventure and wild derring-do. Katie proposes a Boston Marriage? Jane teaching Katie to shoot, or helping her with some aspect of frontier life? Anything where friendship blossoms into love. Would also enjoy all the room-mate shenanigans, bonus points for bed-sharing!

Jane/Bill: I'd love a story that follows Jane and Bill's relationship from early days through and beyond the events of the film. Or what if the saloon is all out of sarsaparilla! Jane switches to whiskey and gets drunk for the first time, and Bill has to deal with her drunk ass while preventing her from doing anything even more wild and spontaneous than usual. Jane negotiating a relationship with Bill - marriage perhaps? - while still having a yen for adventure and wild derring-do. Or how about a moment pre-canon where these two fast friends see each other as more than a friend for the first time - shacking up to avoid a blizzard? undressing because reasons? - and awkward sexual tension ensues.


Request 5 by ijemanja
Rosemary and Thyme
Rosemary Boxer/Laura Thyme, FanFic

Gardening Detectives In Love please! I'd adore a good old fashioned getting together fic. Or how about a garden centre/coffee shop AU. Actually, any kind of AU would be fun! Historical? Harry Potter? Soulmates? Of course, I do love the cosy murders and pretty garden settings too, so Rosemary and Laura driving around the countryside, solving mysteries and planting things and sharing beds, are definitely things I would like to see if canon is more your style. Some other tropes I'd particularly enjoy that you might like to work with: fake relationship, huddling for warmth, small gestures that mean everything, unconventional ways to say 'I love you', that thing where someone talks in their sleep and secret feelings are revealed.


Request 1 by thisisthemorning
Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau & Nealan of Queenscove, Alianne Cooper/Dovasary Balitang, Alianne Cooper & Dovasary Balitang, Keladry of Mindelan & Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak, FanFic

Request 2 by thisisthemorning
Crossover Fandom
Alianne Cooper (Trickster's Choice/Trickster's Queen)/Daja Kisubo (Emelan), FanFic

Request 3 by thisisthemorning
Long Live the Queen (Video Game)
Briony/Elodie, FanFic


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