Jan. 10th, 2017

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Now that all the pinch hits are claimed, here's three more things for your attention!

Requests Spreadsheet
Here is a spreadsheet of all requests done by Min! It's sorted by fandoms, media requests, and usernames. It's likely to be very useful over the next month!

One of the more valuable services people can offer is betaing: that is, looking over someone's work and suggesting ways to make it better than it already is!

If you are able to beta, please comment to this post with the following:

Your AO3 name:
Your email address:
Fandoms you can beta:
Fanfic or Fanart or both?:
Can you do SPAG betaing?:
What things can't you beta?:
Anything else? (Turnaround, periods you're not available etc.):

Exchange Promotion
While I'm here, I'm corunning [community profile] fandom5k  a 5k minimum exchange, with nominations to begin next month! 

If you're running an exchange and want to advertise it here, let me know by emailing me, and I'll see when I can slip it into a post.


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