Dec. 28th, 2016

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Nominations continue until 11:59pm EST on December 29 2016. As there has been a lot of mod posts of late, here is the tagset for easy access!

I will be doing a post about clarifications at the end of the nomination period as well, so please be around for that (with the exception of Crossovers, which is covered below).

The tagset approval form on the admin side has a hard limit of the number of tags you can see where the fandom has been approved but individual tags have not been approved yet (either because they've been added since or there are issues with the tag.) I've reached that limit! As such I'm currently unable to approve any more tags for fandoms that have been already accepted until the crossovers have been sorted.

Here's how you can help:
  1. Please nominate crossovers into Crossover Fandom and not individual fandoms. I'm aware that the form says you can nominate crossovers under any fandom, but that's not the case for this exchange! There are some downright weird associations with tags on AO3's end and nominations are shown on my screen randomly, so putting them in Crossover Fandom drastically reduces the number of steps I need to do on my end to fix it.
  2. If you are nominating crossovers and there are multiple continuities (Marvel, DC, Holmes etc etc), please specify what continuity a character belongs to. Please err on the side of caution if you're not sure and be specific! There are a lot of Lokis in Marvel, for example, and not being specific may disappoint.
If by the time the tag set closes crossovers are nominated in the wrong place or it's unclear which continuity you mean I will start rejecting tags so that I can approve the rest of the tagset.

Star Wars
  • If you nominated All Media Types, I have not rejected anything in that nomination yet. Please move your nomination(s) over to the correct fandoms.
  • Please go through the tag set and see if there are any duplications. This is especially the case for things like Rogue One, where there were 33 duplicates, and so it is likely I have missed something.
  • There's a nomination for "Rise of Empire Era" - can someone give more information as to what canon(s) this comprises of? It's very difficult to do a search on! - EDIT: I have an answer: could the nominator please amend your nomination(s) to be Prequels, Clone Wars or the other source(s) of canon you mean?
X-Men Movies
  • I am still taking opinions on how to deal with the alternate timelines. So far I have 2 votes for merging all movies into one fandom and use disambiguation (that is, the brackets at the end of each name in a tag) to specify what continuity something is, and one for separating the tags into timelines.
  • No matter what option we end up using, there is going to be a lot of tag deletion and recreating to reflect continuity. That is going to take some time. If you could help by at the end of nominations doing a list of which tags belong in which continuity (preferably with each tag on a new line!) that would save me a ton of time and be greatly appreciated!

Fandom Merging
I have merged the following fandoms, please go through and make sure that there are no duplicates:
  • Doctor Who
  • Terminator: Genisys
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Also let me know if there are any duplicates generally!

Thanks guys, you're all the best!


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