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We are in the last day for sign ups! If you have still yet to sign up, the sign up form is here and the tag set is here! Signups close at 11:59pm EST today (January 7).

Some general reminders:
  • You are not obligated to create a gift that perfectly matches a prompt (or indeed does at all). You are obligated to create a gift that matches a relationship tag used by your recipient in their sign up.
  • If you choose "Any relationship" this means any relationship in the tag set. There are a number of fandoms with a lot of tags, and you cannot predict which tag your creator or recipient will match on. Please consider if you are requesting or offering any whether you truly mean "Any" or whether you mean "Any except for X" and request and offer accordingly.
  • "Character A/Character B" means you want to receive or gift shippy gifts. "Character A & Character B" means you want to receive or gift gen gifts. Please keep this in mind.
  • Your requests must all be for unique fandoms, as must your offers (that is, you can't request one fandom multiple times, or offer one fandom multiple times). If your fandoms are not unique by the time signups close, you will be contacted and required to provide further requests or offers. If you do not do this after 12 hours from that email being sent, your signup will be deleted.
We are now at 339 signups, which is higher than last year! Any takers on what number we'll break by the time sign ups close?
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