Dec. 27th, 2016

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 Remember, nominations close at 11:59pm EST on December 29, so please get your nominations in before then!

And now, some clarifications. Some of these have been outstanding a while and if they are not clarified by the time signups open then I will have to reject them.

Could the nominator for the following tags please give me a bit more information about these tags? They look like worldbuilding to me and I'm not really sure how they fit an exchange with our focus. Happy to be persuaded otherwise!
  • Earthlings & Versians
  • Vers & Mars

Crossover Fandoms
Could the nominators for the following tags please confirm which iteration of characters you intended to nominate as it is unclear:
  • Clark Kent (DC) & Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who) - Which Clark?
  • Doctor Strange & Dumbledore - Which Doctor Strange?
  • Harleen Quinzel & Wade Wilson - Which Harley and which Wade?
  • Harleen Quinzel/Wade Wilson - Which Harley and which Wade?
  • James "Bucky" Barnes/Dean Winchester - Which Bucky?
  • Kaylee Frye/Montgomery "Scotty" Scott - Which Scotty?
  • Loki (Marvel) & Mad Hatter|Jefferson - Which Loki?
  • Parker (Leverage) & Deadpool - Which Deadpool?
  • Red Riding Hood | Ruby/Natasha Romanov - Which Natasha?
Could the nominator for DCU (that is, not DCU (Comics) but DCU) please revise your nomination? It looks like under one fandom nomination you have DC Comics, The Flash (TV), Batman Beyond, Gotham (maybe?), possibly the Vertigo imprint of The Authority (unless you mean reboot Midnighter and Apollo) and some others as well. This is too broad a category and further it's unclear which incarnation of the characters you mean. Please revise your nomination to nominate characters under more specific fandoms. The tagset may be able to help you if you're not sure what categories you could use.

Doctor Who

There are currently three separate groups in the tagset: Doctor Who the overarching tag, one for the original series and one for the reboot. Do you want them under the "Doctor Who" overarching tag or split into the original series and the reboot?

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Could the nominator for these tags please nominate these under Crossover Fandoms:
  • Clint Barton & Deadpool
  • Peter Parker/Wade Wilson

Shinreigari GHOST HOUND
Could the nominator for the following tags please give me a bit more information about them? On first reading they look to be prompts rather than relationship tags.
  • Astral Projection & Childhood Trauma
  • Komori Tarou & Dreaming
  • Nakajima Masayuki & Self-loathing
  • Oogami Makoto & Komori Tarou & Family Trauma
Star Wars
The poll is still going and will continue until 12:01am on the 28th (or when I pry myself from Final Fantasy XV, whichever comes second). Whichever doesn't win the vote out of AMT or individual series will not be approved, rejected or amended, so that the nominators have the ability to change their nom(s).

X-Men Movieverse
How do you want to split this? Putting it all in one tag with disambig tags, or separate it out into individual timelines? Or something else?

Also! If there is tagset drift, please let me know! This is especially a problem for Marvel and DC products, Tolkien, and crossovers. Thanks!


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