Dec. 24th, 2016

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As a reminder, please do not nominate crossover ships into anything other than Crossover Fandoms. Thank you!

Age of Youth
Are you guys fine with me merging the two tags for this fandom into one? 

 Crossover Fandom
If you are the nominator for the following crossover ships, please identify which version of the character you intended to nominate:
  • Doctor Strange & Dumbledore - Which Dr Strange and which Dumbledore?
  • Harleen Quinzel & Wade Wilson - which Harleen Quinzel and which Wade Wilson?
  • Harleen Quinzel/Wade Wilson - which Harleen Quinzel and which Wade Wilson?
  • James "Bucky" Barnes/Dean Winchester - which Bucky?
  • Kaylee Frye/Montgomery "Scotty" Scott - which Scotty?
  • Loki (Marvel) & Mad Hatter|Jefferson - which Loki?
  • Parker (Leverage) & Deadpool - which Deadpool?
  • Red Riding Hood | Ruby/Natasha Romanov - which Natasha?
  • Viktor Krum & Victor Nikiforov - book or movie Viktor Krum?

Marvel Cinematic Universe
If you nominated the following ships please either confirm that they appear in this fandom or move your nominations into Crossover Fandom (along with clarification as to which Deadpool you mean):
  • Clint Barton/Deadpool
  • Peter Parker/Wade Wilson
Tagset Migration
Some tags have wandered because of weird associations behind the scenes. If you are the nominator for the following tags, please let me know where they actually go.
  • Eighth Doctor/Jack Harkness
  • Jonathan Archer & Chef 
  • Jonathan Archer & Degra
If there have been any other weird migratory tags, please let me know!

And a reminder that the poll for how to split the Star Wars noms is still open!


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