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Three Pinch Hits! (Two new, one repost)

Five days until assignments are due, and there are three pinch hits to claim! Please comment to this post with your AO3 name if you are interested in claiming one of them.

Request 1 by shewhoguards
A Brother's Price - Wen Spencer
Kij Porter/Jerin Whistler, Rennsellaer/Jerin Whistler, Fanfiction

This book is all about horrible things happening to Jerin, okay? He just makes such a pretty woobie, sometimes I want that to go on a bit longer.

Rennsellaer/Jerin Whistler

Jerin allows himself to be talked into not protecting his virtue that night by the fireside. What happens next? Can't see Renn just riding off and leaving his family to deal with it. Does he become official mistress? Do they work out something else? What?

Kij Porter/Jerin Whistler

The marriage isn't agreed quickly enough and they need the Porter marriage, or Jerin isn't rescued on time, or something else and Kij ends up with him. Does he try to make the best of it or something else?

Dub!con and outright non-con welcome with Kij Porter/Jerin Whistler, Dub!con welcome with
Rennsellaer/Jerin Whistler (I figure she might unintentionally get him to a position where he struggles to say no).

Request 2 by shewhoguards
The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
Cat Chant & Chrisopher Chant & Millie, Christopher Chant & Gabriel de Witt & Mordecai Roberts, Gabriel de Witt & Christopher Chant, Gabriel de Witt & Mordecai Roberts, Mordecai Roberts & The Dright, Cat Chant & Christopher Chant, Christopher Chant & Mordecai Roberts, Christopher Chant/Millie, Fanfiction

Cat Chant & Chrisopher Chant & Millie
Cat Chant & Christopher Chant

My absolute favourite moment in Charmed Life is when Cat sets himself on fire and Christopher just grabs him and plunges them both into the shower and actually talks to him and for a short time before he goes back to being antagonistic he's very reassuring. Any other moments like that would be awesome. Also he totally owes Cat more of an apology after that book.

Christopher Chant & Gabriel de Witt & Mordecai Roberts
Gabriel de Witt & Mordecai Roberts

Christopher basically offered Mordecai a complete pardon if he helped find Gabriel. This is not something Gabriel ever agreed to and it seems reasonable that there should be more hard conversations after that book ended.

Gabriel de Witt & Christopher Chant

We get a very brief look at who Gabriel was as he grew into being Chrestomanci. Does Christopher ever mention it again? Either politely or flung at him in an argument (because it's Christopher).

Christopher Chant/Millie

Looking for them to be adults for this please - I struggle to ship them as kids! I spend a lot of Charmed Life wondering what the hell Millie is saying behind the scenes - Christopher took in this girl who is awful to their daughter, basically let history repeat itself with Cat feeling forced to hide a girl from another world, drove them into running away - I can only assume she was agreeing politely in public and arguing like hell out of sight. (Making up afterwards is good too of course)

Mordecai Roberts & The Dright

Argh! The END of Lives of Christopher Chant. "Oh yes, I was shipped here as a baby from another world my soul has belonged all this time to someone else who forced me into betraying people I care about and they did things that have me so cowed I don't even try to fight and-- no, that's it, book's over, you're never getting any of that in more detail".

So um, go as creepy as you like, please.

Request 3 by shewhoguards
Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Cohen/Teach, Cohen & Teach, Dangerous Beans & DarkTan, Death & Albert, Death/Albert, Death & Ysabell & Albert, Nanny Ogg & Granny Weatherwax, Rob Anybody/Jeannie, Vetinari/Crossword Compiler, Mustrum Ridcully/Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax, Fanfiction

Cohen & Teach

How the hell did Cohen find Teach? Well, we know how he found him but why did he keep him? Were there points he tried to get rid of him but Teach proved too useful? At what point did he start listening to him? Other barbarians welcome to feature.

Dangerous Beans & DarkTan

What happens next? How do they manage to work together? Does Dangerous Beans teach DarkTan about the power of stories? Does DarkTan learn to see beyond the immediate?

Death & Albert
Death & Ysabell & Albert

These two have to be on my Unlikely Ship Of The Year list and yet...

Alberto Malich was this incredibly powerful wizard and he gave it up to go work for Death. And okay, yes, that was to save his life and yet he's not plotting to extend his life, he seems perfectly happy making fry-ups and doing.. what does he actually do for Death anyway? Looking after Ysabell, but it seems unlikely much housework is needed. Us he basically just reminding him what humanity looks like, dripping nose and all? And why did Death keep him? And why did he take Ysabell of all the children - was it company for Albert, like getting another kitten for your cat?

There's vast potential for loyalty kink here. Keep it fairly PG please, there's something about Discworld that soesn't work well with porn.

Mustrum Ridcully/Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax

For this I love them old, rather than their young selves. Old and powerful and a little wistful and understanding what could have been and maybe what could still be.

Nanny Ogg & Granny Weatherwax

Conversely for this I'd prefer them younger (I never made any claims to consistency) and learning to be friends (or sometimes frenemies).

Rob Anybody/Jeannie

I love Rob's usual haplessness which turns abruptly fiercely protective when he thinks the mound might be in danger. Some of that, where it's suddenly serious and he'd absolutely kill for his Jeannie (who of course absolutely does not need such protection.. but it's still nice to have), would be awesome.

Vetinari/Crossword Compiler

Okay, so I take it back, this is in fact my most obscure pairing. But the crossword clearly catches his interest in a way very little else frivolous does, and holds it. Is it intentional on the crossword compiler's part? Is the crossword compiler even aware of his interest? And what does the woman in the petshop have to do with anything?

Request 4 by shewhoguards
Exiles - Melanie Rawn
Gorynel Desse/Granon Mikleine, Gorynel Desse/Falundir, Maichen Ambrai/Auvry Feiran, Fanfiction

Gorynel Desse/Falundir
Gorynel Desse/Granon Mikleine

I feel like both of these could easily be true - Gorynel doesn't seem the type to limit himself. Rescuing Falundir - what's the connection there? And you have to bet he got angry for him and fought for him. Did Falundir go back with him after Collan? Was Collan the only way he could think of to help? Did he know what Falundir planned and find himself unable to stop it? And did Falundir help him in return when he realised they'd lost and needed a box to put the Captal's Bequest in because ow, that must have hurt.

And Granon - his best friend, the man who died defending him, the only man he ever lost a woman to. (I realise this sounds very angsty. This totally does not have to be angsty! I'm totally up for just.. backstory, stuff about him becoming First Sword and them being young together and.. all that.)

Maichen Ambrai/Auvry Feiran

They are the couple who loved each other enough to marry even when that was a really stupid thing to do and then that love tore them apart because it didn't stop them being them. Did Auvry lie to Glenin about his backstory? Was he always a Malaressi spy, sent over to corrupt Mai but accidentally falling deeply in love along the way? What might have happened if he convinced her to come with him? Tell me about them fighting and hurting because they know this is not fixable, tell me about making Cailet with the last of their love that one last day.

Request 5 by shewhoguards
Farseer Trilogy - Robin Hobb
Chivalry/Burrich, Chivalry & Verity, Chivalry & Galen, Chivalry & Burrich, Chivalry Farseer/Patience Farseer (Farseer Trilogy), Fanfiction

Gosh, it's like I have one key character I'm focused on here, isn't it? :D

I wonder so much about Chivalry for someone we never actually see onscreen. Chivalry and Verity, accidentally enchanting Galen (what had happened before to make that even a possibility?) Chivalry and Burrich and Burrich's incredible loyalty - did that come about due to similar use of the Skill and if not how did the discussion about being King's Man come about? Who is this man and is he as good as Verity portrays him as or is that a younger brother and a bit of hero worship talking?

I'm not looking for evil!Chivalry here so much as I am flawed!Chivalry. I want to know about the guy who accidentally mind-whammied Galen, who everyone thought of as incredibly upright while he cheated on his wife. (Or did he? Is there any chance Fitz wasn't his and he's covering for him?) I tend to head-canon that he also mind-whammied Burrich, possibly by accident, at some point which is why to the end of his life Burrich is still looking after his descendants - you can go with that theory or ignore it. You could do him trying to repair his marriage or deciding to abdicate or brotherly moments with Verity and them both discussing Regal?

I'm not really looking for Fitz appearing at all in this as a side-character, thanks!

Request 6 by shewhoguards
Fire and Hemlock - Diana Wynne Jones
Granny Whittacker & Laurel Leroy, Laurel Leroy & Seb, Laurel Leroy/Seb, Leslie & Seb, Leslie & Thomas Lynn, Leslie/Laurel Leroy, Thomas Lynn & Morton Leroy, Thomas Lynn & Seb Leroy, Thomas Lynn/Morton Leroy/Laurel Leroy, Laurel Leroy/Thomas Lynn, Fanfiction

There may be a theme here!

Laurel's enchantments and dealing with them. Laurel enchanting Seb, or Tom, or Leslie. Granny facing down Laurel and trying to rescue her man. Morton establishing that Tom is way below him in the pecking order. Tom dealing with the fact that if it's not him it's got to be Seb or Leslie - maybe trying to warn them?

Would love dark-fic. Fine with dub!con and as creepy as you like. It's established that Laurel likes them young, but I'd prefer them at least mid-teens please.

Request 7 by shewhoguards
The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner
Attolia & Eugenides the God, Attolia & Ornon, Aulus & Boagus & Eugenides, Eugenides & Ornon, Eugenides the God & Eddis, Minister of War & Eugenides the God, Stenides & Eugenides, Attolia & Eddis (Queen's Thief), Attolia/Eugenides (Queen's Thief), Eddis & Eugenides, Eugenides & Minister of War, Eugenides the God & Queen Thief, Minister of War/Queen Thief, Fanfiction

Attolia & Eddis

Awkward attempts to deal with each other when they both have loving Eugenides to connect them, but also have "PS you would cheerfully have killed all my people, did kill a lot of people I cared about and wanted to conquer my country" to seperate them.

Attolia & Eugenides the God
Eugenides the God & Eddis
Minister of War & Eugenides the God

When the gods are real it changes things. All of these have reasons to be angry or suspicious of the gods - lost wives, lost brothers, lives controlled for them. I'd like to see some of how they deal with that - how they reconcile what the gods have done with "yep, the gods say we have to do this for our own good and we are okay with that" (or maybe they are not okay with that at all).

Eugenides the God & Queen Thief

Did he regret having to drop her? At the last moment did she know?

Attolia & Ornon
Eugenides & Ornon

This has to be the world's most awkward ambassador relationship - Ornon attempted to see Eugenides "safely dead". And yet after that, even when Attolia recognises this action, even when Eugenides is king, Ornon is still posted to Attolia and apparently practices with Eugenides to keep him in practice without the guards knowing.

(Not really interested in knowing more about the sheep. Sorry!)


My favorite period for Attolia/Eugenides is that period from the end of Queen of Attolia to the middle of King of Attolia where they're still a little afraid of each other and uncertain and at times furious with each other and things are frequently Not Okay. I love missing scenes from that stretch.

Aulus & Boagus & Eugenides
Eddis & Eugenides
Stenides & Eugenides

Family fic from three different angles! Eugenides dealing with his cousins! Eugenides and his older brother (Stenides appears in Thief! - if you haven't read it). Young Eugenides and Eddus. Fic about him dealing with his mother's death, people talking about his parents' marriage, about Eddis dealing with being queen now. The young Eugenides who at ten years old could stop a grown man with a look! And how did he end up going to try stealing Hamaithes' Gift to start with anyway>

Eugenides & Minister of War

Eugenides fighting with his father and tearing up his subscription papers. Or him coming back after The Thief and going back to fighting training and making out like it's no big deal?

Minister of War/Queen Thief

They're an odd pair - the ultra-serious king's son and the daughter of the king's thief. Apparently people thought he was marrying below himself, but how did it even happen? Scenes from courting, scenes from her coaxing him into being less serious, scenes of them with kids, even him grieving for her would be great.

Request 8 by shewhoguards
Ender Series - Orson Scott Card
Valentine Wiggin & Peter Wiggin, Fanfiction

I love these two, taking over the world while Ender is away. Anything more about them - how was their relationship before Ender was big enough to be a factor? Were there times Peter thought they'd take Valentine? Missing scenes are also great.

I like the mild retcon in Shadow of the Hegemon that actually his parents knew all along so feel free to use that.

Request 9 by shewhoguards
Labyrinth (1986)
Jareth & Toby Williams, Jareth/Toby Williams, Fanfiction

For all Sarah is the main character of the film, Jareth wasn't really after her, was he? He was always after Toby. Why? Is there a clue in his last speech - does he require humans' belief in order to maintain his power? Does the observer really control the observed? Has he done this before?

Happy for him to either work as a parental figure or seduction as Toby gets older. Dubcon and underage okay, but not until Toby is in his teens at youngest. Prefer nothing explicit.

Request 10 by shewhoguards
Stargate Atlantis
Radek Zelenka & Jeannie Miller (SGA), Rodney McKay & Jeannie Miller (SGA), Rodney McKay & Radek Zelenka (SGA), Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka (SGA), Fanfiction

I do love my minor characters!

Radek and Rodney are just great whichever way - fighting, playing Prime/Not Prime, joining forces briefly to annoy people who have no idea what they're on about. I love the way Radek stops Rodney from being so full of his ego that he can actually explode while still respecting that he does actually know his stuff.

Similarly Jeannie - I love that she's just as smart as Rodney but tries to keep it bottled up because she actually wants a normal life. Kid!fic would be great here, or fic with her on Atlantis, or with Rodney trying to be a functional uncle.

Or write about Jeannie and Radek consoling each other about Rodney driving them up the wall!

Request 1 by Razo
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum (Rowling), Hermione Granger/Tom Riddle | Voldemort (Rowling), Fanart, Fanfiction

Request 2 by Razo
Steven Universe (Cartoon)
Connie Maheswaran & Pearl, Bismuth & Lapis Lazuli, Jasper/Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), Pearl/Rose Quartz (Steven Universe), Fanart, Fanfiction

Request 3 by Razo
Letterkenny (TV)
Tanis/Wayne, Jonesy/Katy/Reilly, Devon/Stewart, Fanart, Fanfiction

Request 4 by Razo
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus & Bodhi Rook & Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & K-2SO, Jyn Erso/Chirrut Îmwe (Rogue One), Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook (Rogue One), Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook (Rogue One), Fanart, Fanfiction

Request 1 by Yeomanrand
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus (Rogue One), Bodhi Rook & Baze Malbus & Cassian Andor & Chirrut Îmwe & Jyn Erso & K-2SO (Rogue One), Chirrut Îmwe & Baze Malbus & Jyn Erso (Rogue One), Fanart, Fanfiction

PLEASE DON'T FIX IT! I loved the end of the movie and I thought it was perfect if heartbreaking.
See my general wants/DNWs at the LJ link

Chirrut/Baze: Pre-movie fic. ALL the pre-movie fic. What did it mean to be a Guardian of the Whills when they were young men? How did they come to meet? I'm of the opinion that Chirrut could possibly be force-sensitive but not a Jedi; what might that mean in terms of the universe and his ability to manipulate what is out there? Also, ALL the old married couple snark. All of it.

Crew: This might be a fun coffeeshop AU. Or bookstore. Or other AU that grabs you (Medical Student?) Or show me a scene between them when they were on their way back to the base at Yavin, or between the group of them on their way to their deaths. Five thoughts people had before they died?

Chirrut & Baze & Jin: SPACE DADS. Show me ALL THE SNARKY ADVICE and SASSY 'ALREADY DID THAT' responses. Show me the three of them comparing battle scars. Another place that might be good for an AU. "Look for the force. You will find me there."


Request 2 by Yeomanrand
Marvel Cinematic Universe
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (MCU), James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers (MCU), Natasha Romanov & Sam Wilson (MCU), Fanart, Fanfiction

See my general wants/DNWs at the LJ link

Also, a reminder that Steve Rogers picked fights in back alleys and Bucky thought a glorified science fair was perfect for a double-date.

Bucky/Steve: For these two, I love soul-bonding fics, or BDSM-type universe fics. Maybe some quiet time between Azzano and Zola's train (heck, bring Peggy along for funsies on this one). How they deal with the perceived shift in the relationship: they know that Steve's always had Bucky's back as much as the reverse, but other people never saw them that way. I've seen Bucky the Rock God but how about Steve the Rock God? Shrinkyclinks or shrunkyclunks welcome; also pre-war fic and/or modern AUs in particular.

Bucky/Steve/Sam: THESE THREE OMG. The fandom needs more epic threesome fic. Mission fic, before Bucky's fully joined them. Three-way soul-bonds. Sam bonding with Bucky over god knows what. Steve bemused by the two of them. Also, consider that Sam was the first person we saw in the modern world who treated Steve as a person ("Your bed's too soft, right?"), and not as CAPTAIN AMERICA ("I'm following that little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight"). Steve and Bucky as artists and Sam as the art gallery owner who first shows them. NOT Sam as Steve and Bucky's therapist.

Natasha & Sam: "Whatever you do, don't tell Rogers about this." So, she won't tell Rogers, but she'll give Sam shit every other chance she gets. Natasha is a good bro. Sam lets her try out the wings (or wings of her own).

Come to think of it, Wingfic for any/all of these potential pairings would be kind of awesome.

(side note: I don't mind Spideypool but it's not really a big thrill for me, either.)

If you want to ignore parts of canon *coughAOUcough* *coughCivilWarcough* I'm okay with that.


Request 3 by Yeomanrand
Crossover Fandom
Dean Winchester (Supernatural) & Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Dean Winchester (Supernatural)/Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Death of the Endless (Sandman) & Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean), Doctor Strange (MCU)/Dean Winchester, Eliot Spencer (Leverage)/Natasha Romanov (MCU), John Watson (Sherlock BBC) & Leonard "Bones" McCoy (ST:AOS) & Gregory House, Neal Caffrey & Peter Burke (White Collar) & Parker & Eliot Spencer & Alec Hardison (Leverage), Neal Caffrey (White Collar) & Parker (Leverage), Peter Bishop (Fringe) & Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Rupert Giles & Greg Lestrade, Rupert Giles (BtVS)/Greg Lestrade (Sherlock), Trailer (Warehouse 13) & Satchmo (White Collar), James "Bucky" Barnes (MCU) & Castiel (Supernatural), Fanart, Fanfiction

See my general wants/DNWs at the LJ link.

Dean Winchester (Supernatural) & or / Eliot Spencer (Leverage): These two boys! The angst-ridden and the 'yeah, I have a history, who doesn't?' Both protectors. Both loyal. Do they cross each other? Do they stumble upon each other? Maybe Eliot was part of Endverse!Dean's ragtag fleet against Lucifer in Detroit. Do they hit it off, or do they just hit each other? How would Eliot handle the shit Dean deals with every day? Slash or friendship (I requested either so we could have matched on either).

Death of the Endless (Sandman) & Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean): So just what do Death of the Endless and Davy Jones have in common, anyway? "You get what everyone gets. You get a lifetime."

Doctor Strange (MCU)/Dean Winchester): No hex bags here! So how does the Sorceror Supreme respond on meeting the former bearer of Cain's Mark? What brings Dean around the New York (Shit, what brings Dean to New York, he's a small town boy at heart) Sanctum? Does the Cloak, fickle thing that it is, take a liking to Dean and somehow draw them together?

Eliot Spencer (Leverage)/Natasha Romanov (MCU): We've seen in the show that Natasha is just Eliot's type, especially if she speaks Russian to him and tries to break his skull. So what's caused the spy and the hitter to cross paths?

John Watson (Sherlock BBC) & Leonard "Bones" McCoy (ST:AOS) & Gregory House: ALL THE CRANKY DOCTORS.

Neal Caffrey & Peter Burke (White Collar) & Parker & Eliot Spencer & Alec Hardison (Leverage): Case Fic -- the Leverage Team has to steal something to give it back, and Burke and Caffrey are put on their tails.

Neal Caffrey (White Collar) & Parker (Leverage): Asexual thieves in cahoots or in conflict!

Peter Bishop (Fringe) & Dean Winchester (Supernatural): I have a headcanon that part of the reason Peter adapted so well to Fringe division was because he'd Seen Things before, and not just because of Walter and [spoiler redacted]. Maybe a case brings these two together. But the snark and sass would be epic, really.

Rupert Giles & Greg Lestrade OR Rupert Giles (BtVS)/Greg Lestrade (Sherlock): There is something about this pairing, either as friends or as lovers, that just really tickles me. Please do NOT include Sherlock or John except in the background; ditto the Scoobies. Show me these two men meeting off-campus while each is at his respective institute of learning. Does Det. Sgt. Greg Lestrade encounter "Ripper" Giles on a case? How much magic does Giles show Greg?

Trailer (Warehouse 13) & Satchmo (White Collar): ALL THE DOGS! If you want to add in other dogs (I dunno; Cosmo from MCU seems a bit overpowered for the pair of normal mutts I've got here, but still) from my other fandoms (TOBY ALL THE SQUEE) then go for it. Pack hunting a canine artifact with Trailer in the lead? The canines' thoughts on their various humans foibles? ALL THE DOG POV FIC!

James "Bucky" Barnes (MCU) & Castiel (Supernatural): There are parallels to be drawn between Cas and Bucky; how do they respond when they meet each other? What brings them together? I prefer Winter Soldier Bucky to an AU Bucky for this one, just because they DO have so much in common. This is another one where all the sass is possible.


Request 4 by Yeomanrand
Castiel/Dean Winchester, Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer & Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester & Jody Mills & Donna Hanscum & Castiel & Crowley, Donna Hanscum/Jody Mills, Fanart, Fanfiction

Please see my prompt URL for my Likes/DNWs.


Gimme case-fic, gimme all the Angels schlepping around somewhere in a car as human brothers, give me an AU where the roles are reversed, give me an apocalypse-free world, give me the brothers being brothers, give me curtain fic. Give me Team Free Will bucking the Fates and their so-called Destinies.

Cas/Dean: I love fics where Dean accidentally does something that binds his soul to Cas's grace. I also love fics where the two of them are constantly at odds. Show me Demon!Dean coming on to Angel!Cas. Show me all the complexities of the relationship between these two, because their history is definitely complex. Wingfic! Cas can't show Dean his Angelic self, but can he show him his wings?

Dean & Sam: Case Fic, Working together on Baby fic, sniping at each other while doing research fic. Brothers being brothers, basically. I will love you forever if you can come up with the crossover with Welcome to Night Vale wherein Dean works at the miniature golf out by Old Woman Josie's house and Sam's a lawyer.

Bobby Singer & Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester: Please all the family feels. Bobby being awesome and Dean and Sam having to sit back and watch.

Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester & Jody Mills & Donna Hanscum & Castiel & Crowley: I dunno. Case fic? Just anything with the relationship between the group of them.

Donna/Jody (this could be Donna & Jody but I didn't see that on the list): ALL THE WAYWARD DAUGHTERS. ALL OF IT. The scene we didn't get to see where Jody gave Donna "the Talk."


Request 5 by Yeomanrand
Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (Sherlock TV), Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade (Sherlock TV), Fanart, Fanfiction

See my general wants/DNWs at the LJ link

BDSM and/or Soulmate AUs (whether canonic or AU) profoundly welcome, though I'd prefer not A/B/O.

Sherlock/John: [side-note: My Happy Place is a place where Mary didn't choose John for some nefarious purpose, where Sherlock is all the adorbs babysitter, and where John isn't potentially a cheating bastard.] Case-fic, where Sherlock is Sherlock, and John has Sherlock's back. An AU where Sherlock declares he can have anyone in the bar only to be turned down by John unless he first meets [Molly/Mary] for the negotiation of terms. One of those AUs where there are words somewhere on a person's body (not necessarily names) that indicate who a person is supposed to be with. Demi- or ace- Sherlock, but definitely bi-romantic (in his Sherlockian way).

Mystrade: TELL ME HOW THEY MET. Did Mycroft kidnap Greg the way he did John? Did Greg finally get up the nerve to tell off the posh bloke who kept showing up at his crime scenes without being helpful? How do the two of them manage to keep things on the DL? Sherlock considers Greg barely sentient (well, okay. We all know that's not true), so how does Mycroft deal with being in a relationship with a 'goldfish'? What did Greg report back about the events at Dartmoor?