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All participants whose works were caught up in the administrative error mentioned here have all been contacted. Thank you for your patience in that regard!

We also have another pinch hit! Please comment with your AO3 name if you are interested in claiming this one!

Request 1 by tristesses
Hamilton - Miranda
Thomas Jefferson/Angelica Schuyler (Hamilton), Angelica Schuyler/Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler (Hamilton), Fanfiction

* Angelica Schuyler/Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler

I just love these two and their sisterly bond so much! Angelica’s devotion to Eliza is incredibly moving (“I love my sister more than anything in this life / I will choose her happiness over mine every time”) and I’d love to see this expanded on. Maybe explore the relationship from Eliza’s side — does she love her sister as intensely as Angelica loves her? Is there maybe mutual pining? Maybe their relationship blossoms into a romantic one when Angelica comes back to comfort Eliza, or maybe it kindles during Angelica’s time in Europe — I’d be into epistolary fic for this canon. If you’re into it, I’d kill for a soulmate AU with these two.

* Angelica Schuyler/Thomas Jefferson

I love the potential here so much! Angelica is noted by LMM as being the smartest person in the show, and I’d love to see her match wits with Jefferson. Whether it’s when they meet in Paris, via letters (epistolary fic!!), or when Angelica returns to the States, I’m so here for them arguing discussing politics, philosophy, and law, and having some kind of relationship grow from that. Interaction within an established relationship would also be lovely. I’m also very into smut for this pairing, especially with D/s and sex toys. (They just seem like the type.) I have no preference for who’s doing the dominating or the submitting, just...smut.


Request 2 by tristesses
Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Phedre no Delaunay/Melisande Shahrizai, Phedre no Delaunay/Barquiel L'Envers, Balthasar Shahrizai & Moirin mac Fainche, Fanfiction

* Melisande Shahrizai/Phèdre nó Delauney

I love the way these two were divinely fated to be important parts of each other’s lives, by virtue of being Kushiel’s scion and his avatar. They are perfect balances on a divine scale, their personal lives to the contrary, and I’d love to see anything that plays with that idea — Phèdre drawn like a moth to the flame, Melisande unable to let her go completely, that kind of thing. As for prompts, I’m really interested in canon divergence; what would have happened if Phèdre had said yes to Melisande’s offer in the prison in La Serenissima? Or a missing scene — the Longest Night assignation was never detailed, but I’d love to see that.

* Phèdre nó Delaunay/Barquiel L’Envers

This dynamic has always fascinated me. I love the tension between them that goes from genuine enemies to grudging allies, but never fades. I’d love to see more interaction between them — snapshots of their interactions throughout the years, a missing scene, maybe an AU where she did have an assignation with him — there’s Kusheline blood in the L’Envers line, after all, as we see with Nicola! (If you are interested, Nicola/Phèdre/Barquiel would also be RTMI, but of course don’t feel required to put that in.) Ultimately, I’m happy with anything that plays off the aforementioned tension.

* Balthasar Shahrizai & Moirin mac Fainche

I really loved the development of their friendship in the third Naamah book, and how Moirin went from seeing Balthasar as a wary ally to a true friend. I’d like to read more about their relationship. Maybe it could be from Balthasar’s POV, or maybe a missing scene from their time in Terra Nova. Hell, have it be a friendship conducted entirely in letters between Terre d’Ange and Alba, or have them visit each other post-canon — maybe Moirin returns to Terre d’Ange for a while, or Balthasar decides to travel (albeit in much more comfort than before) and stops by Alba. If you want to make this shippy, I’m happy with that, too; I only ask that you not make it too kinky, since Moirin is canonically not into that.


Request 3 by tristesses
Original Work
Female Magic User/Male Magic User, Female Magic User/Female Magic User, Female Alien/Female Human, Princess/Wizard, Fanfiction

* Female Magic User/Female Magic User
* Female Magic User/Male Magic User

I’m grouping these together because the prompts are the same; if you matched on one of these, do not feel the need to include both!

I’m really interested in seeing rivalry turned to romance for this. Either two apprentices vying to become the best, or maybe two magic users from opposing sides (of a war, light vs. dark magic, anything) having to work together. Master magician/apprentice would also be great — I love messy power dynamics and that particular version of this ship would be ripe for it. I can envision an apprentice outstripping her master, or perhaps combine the two ideas and have a master and apprentice on two different sides of a war or conflicting magical factions.

If you want to go smutty, I am all about that sex magic and sexy rituals — I can see working virginity kink, gangbangs, blood magic, anything along those lines into this. Feel free to add additional magic users of any gender into the scene. If you want to go dark, dub-con and non-con would be fantastic.

* Female Alien/Female Human

I’m basically thinking about two things with this request: a story about culture shock (either the alien acclimating to human culture or vice versa, or anything along the lines of one species learning to live with another species), and/ the kinkiest, weirdest xeno you can come up with. I’m happy with tones across the spectrum, from light and cheerful to depressing slavefic. As far as the alien goes, I like non-humanoid aliens, or aliens that appear humanoid but underneath their clothes are decidedly not. Other tropes/kinks I’m interested in: telepathy, inadvertent soulbonding, conflicts between sexual mores of different cultures, straight-up xeno tentacle sex, interesting sci-fi gadgets used sexually. While a lot of this prompt leans smutty, I’m totally fine with a lower-rated fic instead; it’s up to you!

* Princess/Wizard
Can also be Queen/Wizard! I’m interested in seeing a female royal and her loyal (or not-so-loyal) wizard. Maybe the princess is scheming to get the throne and enlists the court wizard’s help — or vice versa, where the wizard wants to improve his or her status and needs to charm the princess? Maybe the princess needs to protect the country and has to journey to the wizard’s castle and convince them to ward the borders? Perhaps the wizard is an enemy captured by the princess’s forces, or vice versa. I’m just intrigued by the potentially twisty power dynamics between a ruler of a kingdom and a powerful magician. (The wizard can be any gender, I have no preference.)

If you’re interested in smut, I’ll repeat what I said in an earlier section: I am all about the sex magic. Virgin sacrifices! Runes painstakingly inscribed on the naked body in a totally not sexually-charged scenario! Go crazy; the great thing about SFF canons is that you don’t have to obey the laws of physics when it comes to kink.